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Application Process

Step 1 - Contact Us by email at to receive a Puppy Application Questionnaire.

Note: the application will require you to answer some personal details and supply photographs to determine if the home setting will be acceptable and considered.

We don't apologize for asking these questions. It is the only way we can pre-qualify you without visiting your home in person.
If this is too much to ask of you we are sorry but it is necessary to receive consideration for any of our pups.

We do not take Physical Deposits. We are in continually evaluation our potential homes and clients to assure our puppies are placed in the best possible situations.
This placement is a lifetime commitment, that we do not take lightly. We don't sell puppies, we adopt families for life.

We reserve the right to Refuse Sell to anyone going through the evaluation process up to the day of pick up.
We contractually reserve the right to retrieve the dog from any client at anytime we feel the home situation changes
and the pups health, safety, and or care does not meet our standards.
If this is unacceptable to you or you can not commit to this type relationship Please DO NOT Apply.


Step 2 - Deposit Contract - After approval of your application a no deposit contract will be sent to you.
The No Deposit Document is our acknowledgement that you have been placed on our waiting list.
It is not to be considered a guarantee of a puppy placement.


Note: Evaluations on all puppies are continuous. Preliminary evaluations are done at 8 Weeks of Age. At that time we will determine which puppies are for placement in Show homes. Recognized Show homes receive first consideration. We only breed for Show Quality. Male Puppies; if necessary, may be help until up to 12 weeks before determining placement.
Our Companions are of the same Quality. After Show home placements are made puppies are offered to the best home candidates for our waiting list. It is not necessarily a first come first serve situation.


Step 3 - Show and or Companion Contract will be sent at same time as the No Deposit Contract for review and consideration and to assure a complete understanding as the Process Moves forward.

Note: A signed Show or Companion Contract is an acknowledgment of the term of a PENDING SALE, it is not a Guarantee
until Puppy is paid for and delivered into Clients Custody.

All Terms are formed in and shall be governed by the laws of Michigan and the jurisdiction to resolve disputes rests solely in the Court of competent jurisdiction in the State of Michigan. This is a no exception clause and by clients signature of our documents they relinquish and acknowledge this term regardless of their own State or Local Laws.


Looking forward to working with you now and into the future.
We really apologize for all this legal crap we have to impose. The World and a few people force us into this type of stance.

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