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 Emerald - Chelsea's Green with Envy

Emerald is a commination of our years of Breeding effort and could be Chelsea's Legacy.


He Is Bred with careful thought to the outcome.

He is very young but grades out very favorably.


He comes from Our line of Champions with his Mother being GCHS. "Sadie" and Grandpa GCHB. "Julius".

But there is so much more to his background. If you continue to look backwards into his pedigree you'll see the efforts of many experienced and successful breeders investments.

We don't bred often but when we do it is with the betterment of the Akita line in mind and always with Temperament and Structure being our Goal.

We have high hopes and plans for him in the coming future, but He already begins with a running start. 

Emerald at Six Weeks
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